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Stationary Chiropractic Drop Table

Brand : Coinfycare

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 30-40 days

Supply capacity : 1000 pcs

Product model : EL08FS

Stationary Chiropractic Drop Table applicable to a variety of department needs, rehabilitation training, Chinese medicine massage, orthopedics and so on.


This is a stationary height, the function is almost similar as EL08F.

You need to consider your individual body shape and size along with your preferred adjusting technique.

If you cannot decide on the “ideal” height for your table, an elevation table may be best to meet your needs.

The table use a foot activation to load the manual drops for the adjustment of your patient.

EL08FS 10.jpg

Standard Specification:

1. Lift for height variation by Foot switch.

2. This table have four fixed adjustable feet, you can adjustable the feet hight on the uneven ground.

3. Max traction 23cm (between backrest and second section

4. Stationary Chiropractic Drop Table able to lift up to 225kg working weight.

5. Fire/stain/mildew/oil/water/wear resistant Med PVC available in 9 kinds of colors.

EL08FS 11.jpg

Product feature:

1. Can be for the waist, neck, shoulders, foot and other parts of the role of adjuvant therapy to do the syndrome.

2. Legs unique 2-adjustment screw design, so that the bed for the ability to adapt to improve the ground, more stable.

3. Unique tilt, inverted position and lower waist rotation, making the treatment approach more diversified.

4. Professional Stationary Chiropractic Drop Table, the use of Dun pressure principle, so that the safety of treatment is guaranteed.


Upholstery size: see drawing as blelow

Open: 173 x 55 x 64cm

Upholstery size: see drawing as blelow

Foam Thickness: 8cm

Foam Density: 110 g/m2

Packing: 180 x 60 x 72cm (Heavy carton)

N.W./G.W.: 80/90kgs


Stationary Chiropractic Drop Table Size picture:

EL08FS drawing.png

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